Fuck It

Fuck It bracelet was inspired by the vintage bracelets worn in the 1980's and 1990's by young kids with a bit of a twist. When life gets in the way, just say "Fuck it" and go do something fabulous.  We used the confident and strong power of Hematite, known to strengthen self-confidence, ridding you of negative energy and making peace in stressful situations.  Hematite gets rid of negative forces turning them into positive vibes.

Comes with vintage-style plastic beads.

7 inch stretch bracelet

4mm Hematite beads

4mm square Hematite beads

7mm letter beads

Handmade in Los Angeles.

Make sure any cosmetics, perfumes, etc. are completely dry before putting on your jewelry.  Please do not get your bracelet wet with liquids. Learn how to take care of your Haute Betts at our Jewelry Care section.

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